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NetEase iPlay (former NetEase games channel) is the exclusive game of new media in NetEase group(NASDAQ: NTES). We focus on providing high-quality news content from specific insight, with unique attitude to game lovers . At present, NetEase iPlay has shaped a whole-platform news-spreading matrix, including iPlay Net, Kane horns online community and other supporting new media channels. With the help of NetEase portal, Netease cloud reading, NetEase cloud music, NetEase mailbox, and similar channels covering hundreds of millions of Internet users in China, we can seize entrance of Internet flow, and convey targeted information to pan entertainment population.

We welcome all connections with partners in game industry, to provide more game information and welfare for game players together. Meanwhile, we also welcome various cooperation opportunities with companies, who are willing to better their brand image among game players. (Pls. switch # to @ via mail)

News spreading

Product news, industry news, newsmakers and events news clues, welcome contribution at any time. Please prepare enough materials in advance when news is highlight.
1. We admire readable content, original and exclusive articles can earn better position resource.
2. We recommend content according news quality and specified audiences, displayed content may be different in PC and mobile platform.
3. General news contribution please mail to 163game#vip.www.290.125344.com
Contact: TinaQQ819902052Mailbox: xttn1796#corp.netease.com

Business activity

Welcome to contact us , if you have daily businenes opportunities below:
1. Promotion resource exchange.
2. Game information nesting.
3. Press conference invitation.
4. Website link exchange.
5. Product in storage, test chart, applying editor evaluating.
6. Aiwan online community activities.
Contact: TinaQQ: 819902052Mailbox: xttn1796#corp.netease.com

Brand Cooperation

Currently, Aiwan owns more than 40 professional editors, hundreds of special correspondents and millions of registered players. Our news channels cover hundreds of millions of internet users through www.290.125344.com, Aiwan APP and Netease News. We spread our views and attitudes in a professional and cautious way. We hope to work with more partners, to become a great brand approved by game players.
1. Cross-industry cooperation.
2. Joint branding promotion.
3. Content customization in depth.
4. Large-scale exhibition support.
5. Channel development.
6. Aiwan hope primary schools public welfare cooperation.
Contact: Pearl ZhaoQQ: 1588250Mailbox: zhaoying2009#corp.netease.com
Chenjun GuQQ: 1417705319  Mailbox: guchenjun#corp.netease.com

Chief editor

1. Website feedbacks.
2. Recommendation of excellent talents in game industry.
Contract: tanli1#corp.netease.com

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